Auditioning by Heart – Crystal Carson

Auditioning by Heart – Crystal Carson

Auditions - Auditioning by Heart – Crystal Carson

Crystal Carson ABH after Sunday Panel

3-Day Intensive Workshop | Atlanta

All Dreams Manifest Now”.

 December could not have started off any better! Being apart of Auditioning by Heart has definitely been an eye-opening experience for me! Learning to let go and be myself was a struggle of mine, something that I did not realize until after watching my auditions. Crystal empowered me to overcome this obstacle and many more.

 Over the weekend, I learned how to stay focused on the character’s thoughts/emotions and that it’s ok if you fail. When I relied on faith and inspiration to guide me throughout the scene, I began to honestly play the truth behind the character. It was a fun weekend! I am truly inspired and excited for what’s to come next! As I continue to audition by heart, I will continue to look for ways on improving my craft.

Overall, I learned how much of a difference we can really make in people’s lives by stepping into someone else’s shoes. I strongly believe with hard work and determination we can make a difference in the world through Acting. – Thank You Crystal Carson!

Annemarie (20)